[Q&A] Akihabara

Q1:Early check-in possible?

A1:About early check in,
I’m sorry the before guests will stay until 11:00a.m.
You can put your luggage in my apartment after 11:00am :)
But the cleaner will be cleaning from 11:00AM to 4:00PM.
Please take a key and wifi!!

You can lock the door. I have an extra key :)
If the cleaner will finish room cleaning before you arrive. You can check in!

Q2:late check-out possible?

A2:I’m sorry there are guests after 3:00PM that day.
You can put your luggage in my apartment from11:00AM to 2:30PM.

The staff will be cleaning from 11:00AM to 2:30PM.
Please leave at 11:00AM.
Please keep clean the room for next guest when you pick up your luggage.

Q3:Is Wi-Fi available? (Do you have Wi-Fi?)

A3:Yes, Wifi is available.
There is Portable Mobile Wifi.(No limit)

Q4:What is the train route from Narita or Haneda Airport?

Narita airport
–1hour (Keisei Line Direct)
–Higashi Nihonbashi station
–11mins walk(900m)
My place

Haneda airport
–30mins (Keisei kuko line direct)
–Higashi Nihonbashi station
–11mins walk(900m)
My place

Q5:Why do I need a passport upload?

A5:The Japanese government has announced to keep passports by law.

Q6:Passport uploading is not possible.

A6:Please size the data within 2MB.

Q7:Is there a washing and drying machine?

A7:The washing machine is in the room.

There is an indoor clothes hanging line 🙂
I’m sorry there is no clothes dryer in the room,
There is a laundromat to dry out clean clothes nearby.(3mins walk)

2chome 4-7 Iwamotochō Chiyoda-ku Tokyo (100yen/10mins)

Q8:Is there a parking?

A8:I’m sorry we don’t have a parking.
This is nearest parking

2-18-15 Iwamotocho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

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