[Q&A] Shinjuku

Q1:Early check-in possible?

A1:About early check in,
I’m sorry the before guests will stay until 11:00a.m.
You can put your luggage in my apartment after 11:00am :)
But the cleaner will be cleaning from 11:00AM to 4:00PM.
Please take a key and wifi!!

You can lock the door. I have an extra key :)
If the cleaner will finish room cleaning before you arrive. You can check in!

Q2:late check-out possible?

A2:I’m sorry there are guests after 3:00PM that day.
You can put your luggage in my apartment from11:00AM to 2:30PM.

The staff will be cleaning from 11:00AM to 2:30PM.
Please leave at 11:00AM.
Please keep clean the room for next guest when you pick up your luggage.

Q3:Is Wi-Fi available? (Do you have Wi-Fi?)

A3:Yes, Wifi is available.
There is Portable Mobile Wifi.(No limit)

Q4:Why do I need a passport upload?

A4:The Japanese government has announced to keep passports by law.

Q5:Passport uploading is not possible.

A5:Please size the data within 2MB.

Q6:How do I get to Haneda Airport from Shinjuku Station?

A6:HanedaShinagawa sta. 22mins (Keikyu line)
↓↓↓ Transfer
Shinagawasta staShinjuku sta 20mins (JR Yamanote Line)
Shinjuku Sta.My place 12mins (by walk)

Q7:How do I get to Narita Airport from Shinjuku Station?

Narita→Keisei Ueno sta. (Skyliner 41mins)
Keisei Ueno sta. →Ueno okachimachi sta. (Walk 7 mins)
Ueno okachimachi sta. →Higashi Shinjuku sta.
Toei Oedo line (by train)14mins
Higashi Shinjuku sta. → My place (Walk 6 mins)
1H 22mins  ¥2,690

—— OR

Narita express is JR.(Direct)
You can use Narita express from Shinjuku station to Narita.
1H25mins ¥3190
JR Shinjuku sta to My place (10~12mins walk)

Q8:Last train and bus [Haneda Airport]

A8:Last train is 0:06

how to get to my place
Haneda→Shinagawa 22mins (Keikyu line)
↓↓↓ Transfer
Shinagawa→Shinjuku 20mins (Yamanote Line)
Shinjuku Sta.→My plale 10mins (by walk)
I think you can’t take this lol
Bus is good for you.

Haneda airportBus

Shinjuku Station West exit
My place (15 mins walk)
OR Taxi (about¥1000/5mins)

Q9:Is there a money exchange office nearby?


The Best 10 Currency Exchangein Shinjuku

Q10.I’d like to leave my luggage. Is there a coin locker?

A10.You can store luggage in Shinjuku station’s locker.
There are many coin locker in JR Shinjuku Station.
It costs about ¥600 :)


KEIO NEKONOTE Baggage Service
Leave or send your baggage to enjoy an easy sightseeing!

Q11:I’d like to mail (Sent) a package.

A11:You can send them by yourself.
There is a post office(delivery service ) nearby.

6-28-8 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

Open 9:00am :)

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